Wokshops to Run in Campbellford?

Right now I am engaged in an effort to see the marketing workshops delivered in Campbellford.

Schelle Holmes, of The Holmestead: Print and Business Services, is trying to get them set up for early mornings (8:00 am) in June. They will be essentially the same workshops that I have put on in Hastings and Warkworth. In the process of giving the workshops, however, I have come across some ideas for delivering the information more effectively. The questions from the participants provide direction, and raise interesting points as well. I am happy to be able to include additional and more directed information to my presentation because of this back and forth flow of ideas. So I would say that these workshops should be better than the originals.

These will be the last set of workshops I am running locally for the summer, so if you would like to participate, jump on-board now. If you want to be contacted with the details when they become available, shoot me an email (use the contact form in this site) and I will get back to you.

Speaking of workshops, thanks to those at the last one in Hastings who picked up copies of my book, Online Marketing for Your Local Business. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review at that link. If you have been to any of the workshops and feel you got value from them, then I also wouldn’t mind a review at my Google Places listing.


Thanks again to all. Look forward to seeing you at the Campbellford workshops.


Marketing Workshops to be Scheduled for Warkworth

I’ve just confirmed with Kim MacNeil, Trent Hills councillor for Warkworth, that I will be presenting four marketing workshops at the Warkworth Town Hall Centre for the Arts.

The Centre for the Arts is big enough that it can hold anyone who might want to attend with no problem. It has WiFi so I will be able to do some live demonstrations. The Hall has to be rented, so there will be a nominal charge for attendance. It should be something like $5.00. (I haven’t talked to Kim about opening the doors for folks from outside Warkworth, but I think I have some pull in this deal so I can get you in)    :-)

(Note: All are welcome)

I will be presenting the same workshops in Warkworth that I have presented in Hastings. I have had an opportunity to tune them up a little though; and an opportunity to run through them, so I expect they will be better. In addition I will commit to including additional material, based on your feedback. So, if you attended the Hastings workshops, I am certain you will still come away with valuable information you either missed the first time, or that I have added. The truth is that a couple of months can be a long time on the internet. A perfect example is Facebook completely changing their look and utility between the time I committed to doing the Facebook workshop and when I had to present it. They had me scrambling for a few days, I don’t mind admitting.

The workshops are all running in the morning, from 8:15 to 9:45. I don’t know if that works better or worse for you, but there it is. Dates established so far as below:

Workshop #1 – Keywords and Your Google Places Listing – Thursday, May 10th

  • Keywords, Keywords Phrases, The Long Tail and why you need to care
  • What are your customers looking for? Women’s clothing, women’s dresses, women’s apparel or clothing stores? It’s costing you money if you don’t know
  • Using the Google Keyword Tool
  • Other research resources
  • Google Places, your free internet real estate
  • Common mistakes with Google Places listings
  • Directories, directories and more directories – why they matter
  • Optimizing your Places listing with descriptions, categories, pictures and video
  • Effective use of your Places listing
  • Getting positive reviews
  • Dealing with negative reviews

Workshop #2 – Email Marketing – Thursday, May 17th

  • Best return on investment
  • Your emails are not SPAM, they are wanted by customers
  • Where are you on the relationship matrix
  • What do you do with people who don’t buy today?
  • Managing your list
    • Manually – up to 100
    • Autroresponder for over 100 – As low as $5/month
  • Getting sign-ups
  • Autoresponder features
  • Kinds of email
  • Scheduling emails
  • Construction of an effective email
  • Email topics/content

Workshop #3 – Social Media – Facebook – Thursday, May 31st

  • Why you need to use Social Media
  • What “Web 2.0 means to business
  • Facebook for Business
  • Building your Facebook page step-by-step
  • What an effective Facebook page looks like
  • Getting people to your page
  • Using Applications on your page
  • Facebook advertising
  • Creating content for your page
  • Resources

Workshop #4 – Why Your Web-site Isn’t Working – Thursday, June 7th

  • What your website can do for you, and what it can’t
  • Why it isn’t working
  • Getting found
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Making your site “sticky”
  • Bringing customers back for another look
  • A “call to action”
  • Your website and email marketing
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogging
  • Becoming an “authority site”
  • Selling from your site
  • Analytics – who has been there, for how long, from where did they come and what did they look at?

This is a great opportunity to learn a little about internet marketing. The information in these workshops is actionable. You can go ahead with your new knowledge and improve your own marketing enough to put dollars in your pocket. The four workshops add up to 5-6 hours of training that you can’t even buy anywhere locally. An added bonus is that I am there, live, so you can ask questions and get answers specific to your business. It’s not one-on -one consulting, but it is the closest you can come for free (oops, I mean for $5.00).

Hope to see you there.

By the way, I am also talking with Schelle Holmes, president of the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce, about putting on the workshops for the Trent Hills Chamber members. We haven’t established dates as yet, but I expect them to run in May and June. Details about when and where to be worked out.



Email, Your Best Bang for the Buck

Various agencies have reported that email gives you an average of a 50 to 1 return on your investment. I won’t get into an involved discussion of this except to say that you costs can start out at zero, if you already have an internet account, so your only investment is your time. And two hours of your time put into crafting an email message could easily earn back 25 – 50 times whatever you value your time at.

Of course, this whole discussion assumes a few things. Number one, you have kept a list of your past customers email addresses. Number two, you have received permission from them to send out emails. And number three, you are constantly adding to your list.

The hardest and most expensive way to sell something is to spend the money to acquire a new customer. How many new customers or clients did you get last month? How much did you spend on advertising or marketing efforts last month. If you don’t have the answers, then you don’t know what your new customer acquisition costs are. That is a whole other discussion, so we will leave it alone. Instead let’s look at a hypothetical case.

You have a list of 500 past customers. You divide the list into two groups, men and women. You send out an email to each group talking about some new products that have arrived in the store, and then you ask the email recipient “Would you like us to send out an email reminder to your spouse when your birthday is coming up? To help them out, please let us know some of the things in our store that they might buy for you. Please list your birth date.”

Only 50 of the customers respond to the email. But that could wind up being some fraction of fifty purchases that would not have happened otherwise. Maybe only twenty of the fifty actually make purchases. But if the average purchase is $75.00 (not unlikely for a spousal birthday gift) that is $1500.00 worth of purchases that you might not have had. What is your mark-up on those purchases. That’s how much you could make for the time you put in.

Now, the best part is that the time you took to assemble your list is a one-off. The list is assembled and can be used again. You can send out the same email twice a year. You might get another 10 people giving up their birthday wishes and dates each time you send it out. At the very least, spouses are reminded, whether they shop at your store or not. This is definitely worth some goodwill. This is just one idea for an email list. There are many others.

  • Notice of sales
  • Notice of special buys
  • Notice of new products now available
  • Notice of new services
  • Links to useful information your customers can use
  • Notices of demonstrations
  • Links to deals from non-competitive Joint Venture partners that earn you some money
  • Notice of new rules, regulations, recalls or safety information
  • etc., etc., etc.
Email allows you to maintain a relationship with your past customers when they aren’t buying, so they remember you when they do need to buy.

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping – Emails Anyone?

My wife Lynn and I had a great time at the “Last Minute Christmas Bazaar and Sale” downtown this morning (don’t quote me on the name). Four locations participating: The Water Lily, Em’s Dollar Store, Friends of Trent River Pottery and a host of tables at the Legion. We picked up our Passports at The Water Lily and got them stamped at all four locations and are now eligible for a prize.

Here is why I wanted to mention this, in particular. Aside from a very imaginative way to generate some foot traffic through the different locations, and I will talk about this more below, something else of significance occurred. The Passports asked you to add your email address, in addition to your name and phone number. No reason was given, but now the organizers of this event have a list of email addresses. People were adding their email addresses freely.

As a business there is nothing to stop you from doing the same thing. Have some kind of draw; provide a prize; include a statement someplace on the form that says “If you would like to be informed by email if you win and hear about more special events and discounts in the future, please add your email here.” That is how easy it is to compile a list of email addresses. You should think about doing it. How handy would it be, on a slow day, to shoot out an email to a list of 50 – 100 customers and announce a one day “free appetizer with main course” special, or a :buy one, get 30% of on a second of equal value” deal. No need to give Wag Jag or Groupon 10% of the sale. Or announce a demonstrations of a particular piece of equipment or product that is coming up in two weeks?

Kudos to the organizers of the “Last Minute” event for having the foresight to collect the emails. Everyone should be doing it.

About the increased foot traffic. I am embarrassed to say I have never taken the time to go through Em’s Dollar Store to see what is actually in there. It was an eye opener. They have a little bit of everything. I immediately made two purchases and saw numerous items that I know I am going to be glad they have at future dates. Bits of hardware, electronics, kitchen supplies, decorative items, toys, and much, much more.

I know I have talked to Sue and Randy at the Water Lily in the past about how many people have gone into their store in the last year and commented, “Oh my. I had no idea you had such a nice collection of gifts and lotions. I have just been walking by for the last two years. I thought all you had was coffee and ice cream.” How many people out there have no idea what you have to offer in your business? Maybe an event that will attract increased foot traffic is something you should think about.

Come back again.ore soon. Leave a comment if you would like me to write about something in particular or if you agree or disagree with this post.