Wokshops to Run in Campbellford?

Right now I am engaged in an effort to see the marketing workshops delivered in Campbellford.

Schelle Holmes, of The Holmestead: Print and Business Services, is trying to get them set up for early mornings (8:00 am) in June. They will be essentially the same workshops that I have put on in Hastings and Warkworth. In the process of giving the workshops, however, I have come across some ideas for delivering the information more effectively. The questions from the participants provide direction, and raise interesting points as well. I am happy to be able to include additional and more directed information to my presentation because of this back and forth flow of ideas. So I would say that these workshops should be better than the originals.

These will be the last set of workshops I am running locally for the summer, so if you would like to participate, jump on-board now. If you want to be contacted with the details when they become available, shoot me an email (use the contact form in this site) and I will get back to you.

Speaking of workshops, thanks to those at the last one in Hastings who picked up copies of my book, Online Marketing for Your Local Business. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review at that link. If you have been to any of the workshops and feel you got value from them, then I also wouldn’t mind a review at my Google Places listing.


Thanks again to all. Look forward to seeing you at the Campbellford workshops.


Marketing Workshops to be Scheduled for Warkworth

I’ve just confirmed with Kim MacNeil, Trent Hills councillor for Warkworth, that I will be presenting four marketing workshops at the Warkworth Town Hall Centre for the Arts.

The Centre for the Arts is big enough that it can hold anyone who might want to attend with no problem. It has WiFi so I will be able to do some live demonstrations. The Hall has to be rented, so there will be a nominal charge for attendance. It should be something like $5.00. (I haven’t talked to Kim about opening the doors for folks from outside Warkworth, but I think I have some pull in this deal so I can get you in)    :-)

(Note: All are welcome)

I will be presenting the same workshops in Warkworth that I have presented in Hastings. I have had an opportunity to tune them up a little though; and an opportunity to run through them, so I expect they will be better. In addition I will commit to including additional material, based on your feedback. So, if you attended the Hastings workshops, I am certain you will still come away with valuable information you either missed the first time, or that I have added. The truth is that a couple of months can be a long time on the internet. A perfect example is Facebook completely changing their look and utility between the time I committed to doing the Facebook workshop and when I had to present it. They had me scrambling for a few days, I don’t mind admitting.

The workshops are all running in the morning, from 8:15 to 9:45. I don’t know if that works better or worse for you, but there it is. Dates established so far as below:

Workshop #1 – Keywords and Your Google Places Listing – Thursday, May 10th

  • Keywords, Keywords Phrases, The Long Tail and why you need to care
  • What are your customers looking for? Women’s clothing, women’s dresses, women’s apparel or clothing stores? It’s costing you money if you don’t know
  • Using the Google Keyword Tool
  • Other research resources
  • Google Places, your free internet real estate
  • Common mistakes with Google Places listings
  • Directories, directories and more directories – why they matter
  • Optimizing your Places listing with descriptions, categories, pictures and video
  • Effective use of your Places listing
  • Getting positive reviews
  • Dealing with negative reviews

Workshop #2 – Email Marketing – Thursday, May 17th

  • Best return on investment
  • Your emails are not SPAM, they are wanted by customers
  • Where are you on the relationship matrix
  • What do you do with people who don’t buy today?
  • Managing your list
    • Manually – up to 100
    • Autroresponder for over 100 – As low as $5/month
  • Getting sign-ups
  • Autoresponder features
  • Kinds of email
  • Scheduling emails
  • Construction of an effective email
  • Email topics/content

Workshop #3 – Social Media – Facebook – Thursday, May 31st

  • Why you need to use Social Media
  • What “Web 2.0 means to business
  • Facebook for Business
  • Building your Facebook page step-by-step
  • What an effective Facebook page looks like
  • Getting people to your page
  • Using Applications on your page
  • Facebook advertising
  • Creating content for your page
  • Resources

Workshop #4 – Why Your Web-site Isn’t Working – Thursday, June 7th

  • What your website can do for you, and what it can’t
  • Why it isn’t working
  • Getting found
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Making your site “sticky”
  • Bringing customers back for another look
  • A “call to action”
  • Your website and email marketing
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogging
  • Becoming an “authority site”
  • Selling from your site
  • Analytics – who has been there, for how long, from where did they come and what did they look at?

This is a great opportunity to learn a little about internet marketing. The information in these workshops is actionable. You can go ahead with your new knowledge and improve your own marketing enough to put dollars in your pocket. The four workshops add up to 5-6 hours of training that you can’t even buy anywhere locally. An added bonus is that I am there, live, so you can ask questions and get answers specific to your business. It’s not one-on -one consulting, but it is the closest you can come for free (oops, I mean for $5.00).

Hope to see you there.

By the way, I am also talking with Schelle Holmes, president of the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce, about putting on the workshops for the Trent Hills Chamber members. We haven’t established dates as yet, but I expect them to run in May and June. Details about when and where to be worked out.



Next Workshop – Is Your Business on Facebook and Other Social Media?

DATE:  April 18th, 2012
TIME:   5:00-7:00 p.m.
LOCATION:   Bridgewater Cafe, 24 Front Street W., Hastings,

In this workshop I will address the following:

– Why You Should Be On Facebook
– Setting up a Facebook page for business
– Getting Your Profile right
– Uploading photos
– Using Video on Facebook
– Using an Opt-in form
– Getting “Likes”
– Automating Your Posting
– How to Get Fans
– Using Targeted Ads on Facebook
– Other Social Media
You do not need to bring laptops to this workshop. Notes will be sent after the meeting to those interested. It doesn’t cost a penny, but it could be worth dollars to your bottom line. Step-by-step I will go over everything you need to do to get up and running to start a business Facebook page. Do it right, right from the start, and get the internet working for you.
                                                                                                                                                               It was over a year ago when Facebook surpassed Google as the most popular internet destination. Some things you should know. Most Facebook users are on Facebook at least once a day. Many are on multiple times. That means, if you have a Facebook page, and they are “Fans” they will see any post you put up, the day it goes up. They don’t have to go visit your website. They won’t be able to ignore your posts like emails. They will at least see the opening sentence of every post. all you have to be is interesting. And we will talk about that during the workshop.

Start With Just 30 Minutes!

I was talking to a small part-time business owner, a few months ago, about taking some action to integrate the internet (and email) into her marketing efforts but she was overwhelmed at the thought. She currently  has another job, looks after the family, and is pursuing her craft business. Lots of us are in this position. We already have full plates and taking on any other tasks seems impossible. Of course, the truth is, just about everybody can scrape together 30 minutes. And that’s all you have to do. Putting aside just thirty minutes a day will allow you to  make steady progress.

The first few thirty minute sessions might be planning. Then you might spend a few sessions on learning some of the skills or knowledge you will need to use to harness the power of the web.  Once you have an idea of where to go, and some knowledge of how to do it you can begin laying out the specific tasks that need to be accomplished to get your email lists built up, get your business listed on Google Places or on different local and business directories,  or even creating some content for your blog.

When you actually sit down to think about it and plan a course of action, there are not that many steps involved. I will be going over pretty much all the information you need during the internet marketing for local business workshops, later this winter.

Thirty minutes a day is three and a half hours a week. It adds up pretty fast. In three months you will have put in a solid work week of effort, but better. Because you won’t be breaking your work time up with interruptions.

If you started today, in three months time you could have an email list, a Google Places listing, with pictures and videos, a blog website, links back to your blog and Google Places listing from YouTube and local and business directories, four or five pages of keyword optimized content, higher listings in the search engines than competing businesses from Cobourg, Belleville or Peterborough, an email list with hundreds of names, all of your online marketing integrated with your offline advertising, and a years worth of emails and blog posts ready to send out, and set up on a service that will post them for you.
What’s the worse case scenario? If you start putting in thirty minutes a day, you drop down to an hour and a half a week, and you don’t wind up with all of this done, only half of it. Actually, half of it would put you way ahead of where you are now, wouldn’t it?
You don’t need to become a web guru to achieve results that will help buffer the impact of the bridge closure. But you do need to take some action. Just thirty minutes a day will pay you big dividends.