How Not to Survive, Revisited.

Well, in a previous post a couple of weeks ago, I told the little story of my wife’s desire to take her Mom on an outing to Brighton that Sunday. She asked me to check that the clothing store they wanted to visit would be open, but Lynn couldn’t remember the name of the store. I searched on Google for “women’s clothing Brighton, On” and found nothing. After doing a Google street level walk, along main street I found the “Dragonfly” and confirmed, through a phone call, that it would be open when Lynn and her Mom got there.

The reason I posted was that, even though the Dragonfly had a Google Places listing and a website, they weren’t showing up on a search for “women’s clothing Brighton On.” That was a great example of why you need to do the things I talk about in these posts and on this site.

I used this story as an example of what not to do in the Internet Marketing Keyword workshop I ran in Warkworth yesterday (three more to go, all are welcome, see my previous post for times, dates and topics).

As fate would have it, personal business had me down in Brighton today, so I thought I would do the store owner the favour of mentioning their Google invisibility to them. Hey, maybe I could get some business, maybe not, but it wouldn’t cost me anything to give them the courtesy of a visit.

Just to confirm that they were still not appearing in search results, I double checked with a search on my phone once I got to Brighton. Because I was getting results from Brighton, England, I specified “Brighton Ontario” in my search. Imagine my surprise when my blog post came up two spots higher than the Dragonfly boutique did.

Now, I want to specify, this was a “web” search, not a “Google Maps” search. There is a difference. A web search is more likely to find a website than a Maps search. Still and all, not good for them that my blog came up first.

The owner wasn’t there, so I left a message with the staff and also sent in an email when I got home. And I think that’s about all I can do. Hope they correct their keyword problems. And I hope this little story gets you to correcting YOUR keyword problems.

Till next time.