Effectiveness of Facebook

I just finished presenting a workshop on Facebook for the Warkworth Business Association. There were questions about the usefulness of Facebook. Facebook is a “community” communication device. A business wants to develop a “community” of buyers, or potential buyers that it can keep engaged. It does this by presenting useful and/or entertaining information/applications and fostering a back and forth through posts and comments. Links can be shared, images put up to view. As I told the attendees at┬átoday’s┬áSocial Media workshop, think of meeting some friends at a coffee shop and the kind of conversation you can have.

A great example of how effective Facebook was seen tonight at the Hastings Legion, when Hastings successfully won the “Ultimate Fishing Town” designation in the World Fishing Network contest for Canada. Much of the excitement around this contest was generated through regular posts on Facebook, in which people could automatically send a notification when they voted for their town. I am sure that the regular posts encouraged regular participation by participants. While a Facebook page might not generate that kind of excitement around your business, it might generate some conversations, some sharing and is a great tool for customer feedback.

A business Facebook page is free, fills much of the same duties as a website, and is fun besides. You should consider one.