How’s Your Reputation?

Every business either loves or fears “word of mouth” advertising. They love it if they do a great job and have plenty of raving fans, and they hate it if they are constantly upsetting their customers. These days, word of mouth travels at the speed of electrons flowing down a wire, and the mouth that customers are listening to doesn’t even have to belong to someone they know or have ever met.

I am talking about online reviews. It doesn’t matter whether you have a website or not, if somebody looks up your business online in a search, Google will serve them up a heaping helping of info on you. Google has scraped information about your establishment from wherever it can and has created a listing for your store or service. And they are encouraging customers of yours to leave reviews. ¬†Look at the example below.

Bad Reputation = Marketing Dollars Wasted

This review has been sitting there for a year. The only good thing to say about this is that the listing appears on page three of the Google results, so not many customers are likely getting to see it. Now compare that to the likely feeling the following review creates.

Review for Springbank Cottages

Reputation Marketing the Way You Want It

I have written a little more extensively about how to market your reputation, and what the recent changes, in how Google shows your business search results, can mean to your business. Check out my Reputation Marketing post at my Bootstrap Local Marketing web site.