Video Can Boost Your Business

I tried an interesting little experiment recently. I sell used books on as a part time hobby. It’s a lot of fun, I make a few bucks and it pays for my reading habit. A few months ago I cam across a truly valuable book, “Man Ray Photographs 1920-1934 Paris.”

Man Ray was an important artist/photographer through the 1920’s to the 1960’s. The book above was his first, and only about 3000 were printed.  Many copies were destroyed during WWII. Man Ray lived in Paris from about 1920 to just before the war. His book sold mostly in Europe.

I decided that, instead of trying to sell the book on Amazon, I would just use my marketing knowledge to try and get noticed on Google, and sell the book personally.

If you go to Google and type Man Ray Photographs 1920-1934 Paris into the search field, you can see how successful I was. I recorded two videos, optimized them, built some backlinks and did all of this about two weeks ago. As of just now, I have my videos ranked in the number 6, 7, 8, and 9th spot on page one for that particular search. They also take up the first two spots on page two of Google. Then the website I built takes up spots 5 and 6 on page two while I also have the 10th spot with a presentation I posted on slideshare. I then have a spot on page three and two spots on page five.

For a phrase that returns 6,620 results from the Google search, I consider this to be not bad for about 8 hours work.

My point isn’t to brag about being able to rank. If you look at the Google search you will notice that the videos rank higher than the website itself. Google owns YouTube and people love videos, so Google returns applicable videos when a search phrase is entered.

If you watch the videos, you will see that they are pretty simple. You could probably create videos like this yourself. And your videos could rank higher than your website. If they have useful information, people might then click through to your site for more info.

Give it a try and see what happens.