Local Marketing Workshops


Here’s the schedule for the Warkworth Workshops. For details see the post on the Home page;

Workshop #1 – Keywords and Your Google Places Listing – Thursday, May 10th

Workshop #2 – Email Marketing – Thursday, May 17th

Workshop #3 – Social Media – Facebook – Thursday, May 31st

Workshop #4 – Why Your Web-site Isn’t Working – Thursday, June 7th


A great turnout to the first of our local marketing workshops last Wednesday. There were about 15 people there, many with laptops, ready to get their Google Places listings started. Of course there were a few glitches, but to be expected I guess.

Thanks to the Hastings Chamber of Commerce for setting this up, in particular Dennis Savery, Lynn Rogers, Skye Morrison and Hank St-Onge and thanks to the Bridgewater Cafe for hosting the event.

In advance to the workshop The Independent had a nice write up. Tip of the hat to John Campbell.

More here: http://bootstraplocalmarketing.com/news/

All three local papers carried advance notice of the event. thanks also to Bill Freeman and Mark Hoult.

The next three workshops will cover Email Marketing, Social Media, including Facebook, and How to Make Sure Your Website is Working for You.

I think the next workshops will carry some pre-workshop information, to make sure oour time is used as wisely as possible.

In addition the first 10 minutes or so will quickly deal with any Google Places listing issues that have come up.

Check this page for more info in future.